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How I Got Into Law

Posted by Alfred Jenkins on

Most young kids have high ambitions of becoming doctors or baseball players, but for me, I wanted to be a journalist. My father was a reporter, and he made the gig look glamorous. He would spend long nights at the office reporting on trials or trying to out some big government coverup, but he would also get to interview celebrities, or celebrities of our small, sleepy town. So, I decided to major in journalism in college, and went on to be a sports reporter.  

On the sports beat, I lived in small places most people haven’t heard of: Pocatello, Idaho, Bakersfield, California, and Mitchell, South Dakota. I spent most of my nights covering high school basketball and college football. It was a tiring gig, but as a young, enthusiastic reporter, I liked it.  

Once I got a bit older, though, I decided I needed something with regular hours, so I landed a job reporting on legal issues. The law world was unfamiliar to me, but it fascinated me. Rulings and decisions had such an impact on people’s lives. A poorly written law could hurt millions, but lawyers had the ability to fight for the underdogs, bring justice to those who deserved it. I reported on cases of all kinds – from murder trials to corporate mergers – and I got the real sense that my path to doing the most good in the world is through law. So, I decided to take the LSAT exam and then applied to schools.  

Now here I am, in law, because each of us are called to do something and this is my thing.